"I found the sessions profoundly helpful. And it does take me maybe about 24 hours to get the full impact. I believe my daughter really integrated what happened in the session and that it will have a lasting effect. I actually think it caused a shift even that afternoon."

"The way I related to the horses and to the people in the group is pretty much how I relate to life and its issues. I really enjoyed the workshop, thanks!"

"My son has a pleasant persona that serves him pretty well. He doesn't like to show the cracks in it. But I could see that he was experiencing a lot of emotions that day. It was a better outcome than I expected and I think it was helpful that he could be more relaxed and less resistant to the experience. I liked the relationship he developed with the horse. I could tell he really liked the horse. I liked how he was concerned about what the horse wanted and I liked how close he stood to him and how he was able to have authority with a horse. We had an argument that afternoon a few hours after the session in which he was able to explain his frustration and not shut down or get secretive. So I saw very quick results…the session seemed to really advance him. I am so amazed how potent these sessions can be. Thank you so much for all your work."

"The most memorable experience I had in the workshop was doing the exercise with the horses and the ball. It was a great way for everyone to work together. The insight I gained was that when we ask for help and work together we can make something that seems hard easier on everyone. I now know that I can ask for help when I can’t handle something on my own. I learned a lot from this workshop – thank you!"

"The session helped me see how creative I can be and that I need to use this gift more often to accomplish my personal goals. Sometimes I am not the best team player and I don’t always apply my ideas but as a result of this workshop I will make more of an effort to use my talents and apply them towards my everyday goals and relationships."

"As a result of the workshop I realized that ‘therapy’ can be anything that makes a person think and feel better about themselves or their life."

"The most personally rewarding times of my six-month stay in Florida were the hours I spent with you and the horses. Thank you for every moment."