Special Events & Workshops

       WAYS OF WOMEN: Equine Assisted Learning Group for Women
       HORSES & HEALERS Monthly Equine Assisted Peer Consultation Group
       THE HORSE WITHIN One Day Experiential Workshop
THE HORSE WITHIN Two Day Workshop Intensive Experience 
       THE HORSE WITHIN 2-Hour Indoor Introductory Experiential Class

Individual and Group Psychotherapy

       Private Individual, Family or Group Sessions

Personal Growth and Team Building

       Hands-On Intro to Equine Assisted Therapy

       Counselor Care Workshop
       Teen Tension and Family Dynamics
       Couples Relationship Enrichment Workshop
       Join Up For Singles Workshop
       Addiction Recovery Support Workshop
       Burnout Buster Workshop
       Leadership Lessons Workshop
       The Horse Within Workshops
             Two-Part Horse Within Workshop
             Horse Within Mini Workshop
       Team Building, Leadership and Interpersonal Skills Workshops
            for Businesses, Corporate Groups, and Organizations

Lectures & Presentations

       Program Director of the Center for Jungian Studies of South Florida Interviews Lisa Baugh