The Horse Within

   Indoor Introductory Experiential Class


Self-Discovery for People Through Activities with Horses

Dates & Locations To Be Announced
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This workshop offers an opportunity for people to connect with mind, body, spirit and nature by immersing themselves in the theme of equus. Horses, and what they evoke in us, will be explored through video, slides, print media, literature, and music. Participants will be encouraged to embark on a journey into the unconscious to discover what might be revealed. Through imaginal and interactive techniques that include active imagination and journaling, emotional, spiritual, and archetypal levels will be uncovered. The influence of animals and nature will be discussed in relation to human experiences. Participants will be encouraged to share elements that personally resonate with their life story as it pertains to their past, present, or future. All horse lovers or anyone inspired by horses, as well as those unfamiliar with or afraid of horses, are encouraged to attend.   

This workshop, conducted in an indoor classroom setting, provides a taste of the ways horses may influence and inspire our lives. Anyone interested in pursuing a hands-on exploration of the horse-human relationship through outdoor interactive activities with live horses is encouraged to attend a “Horse Within One Day Experiential Workshop.” Visit for dates, times, and locations.


7:30-9:30pm $20/person

January 28, 2010
Changing Times Books & Gifts

The Village Commons, 911 Village Blvd., West Palm Beach, FL 33409

Please Call to Reserve Your Space: (561) 640-0496

February 3, 2010 & February 25, 2010
The Crystal Garden Books, Gifts & Spiritual Center

2610 North Federal Highway, Boynton Beach, FL 33435
Website:  Phone: 561-369-2836

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