The Horse Within

 Two Day Workshop Intensive Experience

Dates & Locations to be Announced
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Why horses?

     The human love affair with horses is ancient and far-reaching. Horses are live, dynamic, and impressive creatures that influence people in powerful ways. Working with them provides rich metaphors applicable to life.

     This two-day workshop experience offers an opportunity for people to connect with mind, body, spirit, and nature through the powerful and inspirational attraction we have to this noble creature. It is ideal for anyone who desires a weekend workshop that combines interactive experiential activities with an element of personal growth.

     Participants will gain self-knowledge and a better understanding of themselves through exercises designed to access an inner world inspired by horses. Sessions include interactive imaginal activities, un-mounted ground work, and writing exercises designed to encourage you to discover your own “Horse Within.”


Workshop Schedule

Day One:  9:00am - 5:00pm


    Opening Circle

    The Equine Metaphor

    Meet & Greet Horses   

    Horse Typology

    Lunch Provided

    Individual Arena Activities

    Closing Circle

Day Two:  9:00am - 5:00pm

    Opening Circle

    Equine Images Activity

    Group Arena Activity

    Lunch Provided

    Writing Assignment

    Group Arena Activity

    Closing Circle

No horse experience needed!


     All activities are un-mounted. No horsemanship experience is required. There is no riding. Those unfamiliar with, afraid of, or inspired by horses are encouraged to attend.


 For more information go to call (561) 791-8939





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