Ways of Women: Equine Assisted Learning Group for Women

Personal Growth for People through Activities that Incorporate Horses

This group meets twice a month with the intention of expanding self-awareness and exploring interpersonal relationships through interactions with live horses. As women and horses converge, images and metaphors are evoked that facilitate insight and a better understanding of self. Sessions help reveal repetitive thought and behavior patterns while offering opportunities to explore new ways of approaching challenges, both personal and professional. Sessions are stimulating, evocative, hands-on, and fun!

The size of this group will be limited to optimize the experience for all. Preference will be given to participants willing to commit to attending on a regular or semi-regular basis with the intention of building cohesion, familiarity, and safety among group members. As the group matures, participants may delve deeper into their own personal journeys while offering support to others in a safe and confidential environment.
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Dates & Times to be Announced


$80/person - Space is limited!
Preference given to those willing to commit to attending regularly .