Monthly Equine Assisted
Counselor Care Experiential Workshop

Self-Care and Personal Growth for Counselors through Activities that Incorporate Horses

People engaged in the helping professions often experience stress, burnout, and compassion fatigue when handling difficult clients and complex situations. Experiential in nature, this ongoing monthly workshop addresses these issues and offers self-care strategies for overworked professionals. Through interactive activities with live horses, images, patterns, and metaphors are evoked that facilitate insight and a better understanding of self. This workshop will help participants better understand their relationships with their clients, co-workers, and supervisors in the context of the helping professions of counseling and psychotherapy. Like peer supervision, shared experiences and group processes are emphasized in a supportive, revitalizing, and fun learning environment. These workshops are not designed to teach the technique of equine assisted therapy but rather provide an interesting, evocative, and fun venue for professionals to examine the problems and issues that arise in their own work in the helping professions. Come learn about this innovative form of experiential therapy and, by participating yourself, see how you might use it as an adjunct to your practice!

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Sponsored by Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches
9:30 AM 12:30 PM

Call 561-791-8939 for dates and times.


$80/person/workshop - 3 CEU's
Sessions may be attended individually or as a series.