Team Building, Leadership and Interpersonal Skills Workshops
for Businesses, Corporate Groups, and Organizations

Personal Growth for People through Activities that Incorporate Horses

Working with horses is similar to managing people. Equine Assisted Personal Growth and Team Building sessions are empowering for people and highly applicable to the organizational, corporate, or business environment. They demonstrate how relationships based on mutual respect, trust, and the use of a gentle, clear but firm approach, can teach executives or leaders and their employees or co-workers how to better connect with one another.

Custom designed Workshops can be created to address the specific needs. Issues such as creative thinking, problem solving, setting goals, making choices, self-awareness, communication styles, personal versus professional issues, patterns in behavior, group dynamics, and teamwork may be addressed. Participants learn about themselves and how they interact with others. Corporations, organizations, businesses, and groups become more productive when members:

Pre and post assessments help participants focus on their specific issues. Workshops can be designed in a series or as a stand-alone one-time experience.

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Time: Half Day (3-4 Hours) or Full Day (6-8 Hours) sessions
Cost: Fees are determined by the number of participants and may
include box lunches and refreshments if desired.