Equine Assisted
Burnout Buster Workshop
Personal Growth for People through Activities that Incorporate Horses

Burnout manifests in many forms. Traditionally we think of burnout as related to work or career however many people experience burnout as a result of stress and strain in other areas of everyday life. Juggling roles of parent, spouse, breadwinner, teacher, mentor, social director, healthcare advocate, homemaker, cook, maid, and handyman can lead to symptoms of burnout. For anyone feeling the pressures of life, this workshop offers relief. Activities are designed to help participants identify core burnout issues, assess interpersonal styles, examine boundary setting and assertiveness issues, create viable self-care strategies, foster a positive attitude towards conflict and stress, improve communication and team building skills while having fun with horses! Emphasis will be on identifying repetitive patterns that keep the burnout cycle fuelled.

“The insight I gained from this experience was remembering to step back to avoid being overwhelmed… Although I do live by this idea, I still get trapped sometimes in the details of issues… Great fun! Thank you!”

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9:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Call 561-791-8939 for dates and times.

Cost: $80/person