About Lisa Baugh


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Marriage & Family Therapist 
Florida License No. MT2264

EAGALA Advanced Certified


Lisa Baugh received her Master’s in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and resides in Wellington Florida. She carries the highest level of "Advanced Certification" by the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association. She has over 35 years experience working with horses and is one of the few practitioners thoroughly versed in both the equestrian and mental health disciplines. Her equine assisted therapy, personal growth, & team building programs serve both adults and adolescents from institutions, agencies, referring therapists, and businesses in Palm Beach County FL and surrounds.

The name Sagittarius Rising has specific meaning pertaining to the work of Equine Assisted Therapy. Sagittarius is represented by the centaur – half man, half horse. The horse is the animal, instinctual side and the man is the rational human side.  In today’s society, many people feel this split. The centaur represents a blending of the two. In Greek mythology, Chiron the centaur was the first true physician and could be considered the first Equine Assisted Therapist. Sagittarius is the spiritual disciple of the zodiac with a great craving to explore and understand life, always seeking to expand and enlarge consciousness.


2013 “Horses Never Lie, Fact or Fiction?: On Becoming an EAP Skeptic” Equine Assisted Growth & Learning Association Conference, TN.

2012 “Introduction to Equine Assisted Psychotherapy” Graduate level credit elective course taught at St. Thomas University, Miami Lakes FL.

2011 “Anthropomorphism & EAP: Can a Paradigm Shift? Only if it Wants to!” Equine Assisted Growth & Learning Association Conference, UT.

2010 “The Horse Within: Exploring Equine Images & Live Interaction with Horses” Changing Times Bookstore & The Crystal Garden, FL.

2009 “What is Equine Assisted Psychotherapy?” South University Masters in Counseling Program, FL.

2009 “Basics & Beyond: Building Techniques and Processing Skills in EAP” Professional Development Workshop, GA.

2008 “The Horse Within: Equine Assisted Psychotherapy from a Depth Psychological Perspective” Center for Jungian Studies of South Florida, FL.

2007 “You Spot It, You Got It! Projection in Facilitators of EAP” Equine Assisted Growth & Learning Association Conference, UT.

2007 “The Image of Equus: Equine Assisted Psychotherapy from an Imaginal Perspective” Nature & Human Nature Conference, CA.

2007 “It’s NOT About the Horse: An Introduction to Equine Assisted Psychotherapy” Hanley Center Lunch & Learn Lecture Series, FL.

2006 “The Trail Less Travelled” Professional Development Workshop provided through the Equine Assisted Growth & Learning Association, IL.

2006 “Piercing the Idealization Projection” Equine Assisted Growth & Learning Association Annual Conference Presentation, UT.

2005 “It’s NOT About the Horse: Parts 1, 2, & 3” Mental Health Counselors Association of Palm Beach County CEU Enrichment Program, FL.

2004 “Equine Assisted Psychotherapy: An Innovative Experiential Approach” Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches Professional Training Series, FL.

2003 “A Magical Partnership: Memoir, Metaphor, & Myth” Horses as Metaphor, EFMHA Horses & Healing Conference, NH.

2001 “A Magical Partnership: Memoir, Metaphor, & Myth” Horses as Metaphor, Above & Beyond Equestrian Arts Center, NC.