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Counseling for "Horse People" by a "Horse Person"

Horse Show Kids:

Meeting the Challenges

A Weekly Support Group


At Carolyn’s Tutoring Trailer on the WEF Show Grounds

$25/Person Includes Pizza and Soda

Call 561-791-8939 for dates and times


Facilitated by a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and life-long “horse person,” this group meets weekly to offer a secure and confidential place for young riders to share the trials and tribulations of juggling top level competition with academics, family, and social life. The group will act as a safe clearing house for shared experiences, information, and support. If the group chooses, guest speakers such as sports psychologists, Olympic riders, and top trainers, may be called in. The main focus, however, will be on listening and offering support for each member’s personal experiences while establishing a supportive social network. The group will be facilitated, but not directed and will ensure the emotional safety of everyone. The group is open to young equestrians showing at WEF or in their local home communities. Topics discussed may include:

  • Performance Anxiety

  • Academic Pressure

  • Peer Pressure

  • Family Conflict

  • “Friendly” Competition 

  • Envy & Jealousy Issues

  • Social Stigmas & Hardships

  • Parental Expectations

  • Personal & Family Sacrifices

  • Gender Specific Issues

A signed consent form is required for all participants. For questions regarding the group, please call 561-791-8939 or stop by Carolyn's Tutoring Trailer at the WEF show grounds to pick up a brochure.

Consent Form




Lisa Baugh, MA, LMFT

Lisa Baugh is a FL licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and is certified by the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association. She uses traditional counseling as well as experiential techniques such as Equine Assisted Therapy to help individuals and families reach their full potential. Though she works with individuals and families from a wide variety of lifestyles and backgrounds, she has a special affinity for “horse people” and a unique understanding of their worldviews. Her life-long equestrian background makes her sensitive to the specific influences and nuances of the horse community. Click Here to read why she started ECS.

Equestrian Counseling Services
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